here to help

As your therapist you can trust that you will never be judged. You will always be met with compassion and empathy in a safe and comfortable environment that allows you to explore the issues that are creating dissonance in your life at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Most importantly, if you are struggling you must believe that It can get better. If you are unhappy or feel challenged, you have the power to make the changes necessary that will lend to greater fulfillment and happiness.

I am here to help you.


lets START THIS journey together...


Keeping it simple

an innovative approach to therapy

My counseling philosophy is a simple one. I fully and completely believe in the power and the process of therapy. I have seen it work; radically changing lives and restoring relationships. I am honored that people allow me into their world to offer knowledge, understanding, and guidance.

I am collaborative, strengths-based, and believe the most effective form of therapy is a combination of cognitive behavior therapy combined with holistic philosophies like mindfulness, with a focus on overall wellness. I offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate all schedules, take the first step, you deserve it.

at indigo, we encourage a mind-body perspective on wellness,
we implement unique strategies and techniques to get you moving in the direction you want, and we think outside of the box